December Marketing Blog

Jump Start Your 2020 Marketing Planning

The foundation for success in a customer-driven business is a dynamic marketing plan. In a way, it is an instruction manual for your pharmacy's success because it opens your eyes to the bigger picture of how your operation intersects with your reputation and visibility in your community. Whether you are looking to create loyalty and trust with current and prospective patients or position your pharmacy and services as the best in your community, the process should begin with marketing planning.   

To help you get started, we've assembled a variety of resources to help simplify your 2020 marketing planning.

APRx Marketing Resource Center
The Marketing Center is your one-stop shop to marketing tips and resources, sample marketing plans, and editable fliers, bag clippers and stuffers. You will also find information about the following:

  • Build & Refine Your Brand Identity
  • Build a Strong Online Presence
  • Identify Target Market(s)
  • Establish Objectives & Timelines

Marketing Blog
The APRx Marketing Blog features tips, ideas and tools to help you accelerate your marketing goals and strategies. 

Pharmacy, Health & Wellness Observances Calendar
The observances calendar is a comprehensive tool with web links to resources that support marketing efforts tied to different events and times of the year. If you are looking for ideas about how to market an in-store vaccination event or ways to promote your pharmacy during the Thanksgiving holiday, the calendar is packed with free promotional collateral and links to additional resources to get you started. 

APRx Facebook Page
Independent pharmacies are embracing social media. 86% of independent pharmacies use Facebook with ages 50 and older being the fastest growing demographic. So, the potential for your patients to be active on the platform is high. The APRx Facebook page offers industry news, links to free collateral and resources, event and training information, and more. If you want to start a Facebook page for your pharmacy, but lack consistent material to post, feel free to share posts from our page. 

Seasonal Merchandising 
Looking for seasonal front-end products for holidays and events? Our preferred vendor Kelli's Gift Shop Suppliers has got you covered. Kelli's Gift Shop and American Pharmacies have developed a monthly seasonal events calendar with recommended products that drive incremental revenue for holidays and major events each month. Not sure where to start in ordering? The company has a special section on its website devoted to pharmacies with 15 merchandise categories of "Pharmacy Essentials" showing the top-selling (recommended) items in each category. As an American Pharmacies member, you will receive 5% off Kelli's normal wholesale pricing. All orders of $450 or more qualify for free shipping. Shipping is within one business day of your order. You may log in to your account or set one up online at

Your Kelli's representative is Jeff Williams. Please reach out to him with any questions or concerns.

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