The RxCOMPASS Playbook will help direct and guide you through all of the various reports and tools within RxCOMPASS in great specificity. To access the document, click on this link and find the link to the document at the bottom of the page. 

Powerful Analytics
To Drive Adherence
& Profitability

American Pharmacies and Freedom Data Services have partnered to bring you a groundbreaking business analytics tool that provides powerful business intelligence to improve your pharmacy’s performance and profitability. RxCOMPASS is the premier solution in today’s marketplace and offers actionable, analytical reporting that is statistically proven to drive growth. Powered by FDS’ myDATAMART, RxCOMPASS simultaneously boosts volume and adherence, maximizes profitability, refines dispensing habits, and positively impacts Star Ratings performance. This groundbreaking program is offered at no charge to qualifying members and integrates with most pharmacy management systems.

Populated by a data feed from the pharmacy management system, RxCOMPASS simplifies monitoring of specific dispensing and adherence trends, and pinpoints high-value patient and income opportunities. 


NCPA's 2018 Outstanding Adherence Practitioner Ben McNabb, PharmD used RxCOMPASS to boost profits and patient outcomes. 

Learn how he did it here.

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RxCOMPASS & Guided Growth helped Steve Hoffart, PharmD boost his pharmacy's profits after he lost his biggest prescriber. 
Read more about it here.
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"This is a one-of-a-kind business tool that our members can use to improve their performance and profitability.
A pharmacy's data on dispensing, reimbursement and patient behavior trends is a tremendous resource that just isn't used enough to drive business decisions. RxCOMPASS makes it easy to harness that data and profit from it." 
- Mike Gohlke | President, American Pharmacies







You can run RxCOMPASS reports manually or receive them by email, including a Daily Performance Report (DPR) which is sent automatically and summarizes each pharmacy’s performance from the previous day. Emailed reports, which may be received and customized to your specifications, are linked directly to RxCOMPASS allowing you to “drill down” into the data for further details as needed. Actionable data is easily identified and prioritized so you can optimize time and effort invested in utilization. This simplifies identifying patients with multiple, high-margin prescriptions past due for refill.

Refills on Time
RxCOMPASS’ Refills on Time report gives you the ability to track the timeliness of patient refill activity. Patients who refilled late or not at all, and their relative prescriptions are broken down into user-friendly groups detailing applicable drug and scheduled fill date information.  With this data, you can prioritize patient outreach with a goal of maximizing the ROI of their time and effort. APRx stores using Refills on Time to guide personal outreach are able to nurture patient relationships clinically, grow med sync enrollment and improve overall pharmacy performance and profitability. 

Recently, one APRx member seeking to improve patient medication adherence began using the Refills on Time report to guide their personal outreach. Over a total of 52 distinct periods (typically one-week each), the member captured the following:


                                                                                                                                    *All profit values listed are pre-rebate.

On average, this store invested the time of one technician for less than 8 hours each week to conduct this patient outreach.  These gains are typical of what other APRx pharmacies are capturing when using Refills on Time. 

Pharmacies enrolled in RxCOMPASS are also able to do the following:

  • Pinpoint high-value patients for targeted outreach
  • Monitor Star Ratings performance and identify non-adherent patients by plan
  • Identify top prescribers and key patient groups for focused marketing outreach
  • View high-level business data and drill down for greater detail
  • Build, store, and export custom Ad Hoc reports and share with other RxCOMPASS users
  • Receive top notch platform support and guidance from industry-savvy professionals as needed

Game-Changing Intelligence for American Pharmacies
RxCOMPASS also gives APRx the ability to analyze the aggregate data of our enrolled members and identify organizational strategies to:

  • Boost business health financially and clinically
  • Monitor reimbursement trends
  • Provide accurate data in support of our legal and legislative efforts

Eligibility & Enrollment
All active APRx stockholders who are 90% compliant with AmerisourceBergen are eligible to enroll in RxCOMPASS. To enroll, you will have to complete and submit:

  • An amendment to the APRx member agreement authorizing release of your dispensing data to APRx
  • The FDS/RxCOMPASS enrollment form for each pharmacy
  • A HIPAA compliance agreement for each pharmacy

Your enrollment agreement is typically processed in the same week in which it is received by FDS; connection of RxCOMPASS to your pharmacy management system takes three days in most cases. FDS states that from the time that fully completed paperwork is submitted, most pharmacies should be loaded in the system within 5-7 days.

Contact your APRx Business Consultant today to request enrollment!

The Navigator Newsletters
The Navigator is the new monthly newsletter for RxCOMPASS. Each monthly edition will feature news and performance milestones, as well as helpful tips and insights.