April Marketing Blog

Recognizing Stress Awareness in Your Pharmacy

Most people will experience stress at some point in their life (take the stress hardiness quiz), but constant or extreme stress is bad for both the mind and body. Stress can be triggered by an unexpected traumatic event or just day-to-day life expectations. This is why Stress Awareness Month is important — it increases public awareness about the causes for stress and provides resources and tools to manage it. Below are a few in-pharmacy stress management tips to get you started.

  • Get up and Get out: Take a walk. At the end of the lunch rush, encourage your staff to take a 5-minute walk around the building to get some fresh air and recharge.
  • Give employees a boost: Hold a raffle for a gift certificate to a yoga or massage session and display tip sheets on stress reducing techniques. Use this payroll stuffer to get you started. If a gift certificate is outside of your budget, put together a pampering gift basket filled with bubble bath, lotion and other items in your store.
  • Make a Change: Change is good because it breaks up the monotony of day-to-day routine. It can be a simple as decluttering your office or as extravagant as taking a well-deserved vacation.
  • Clear your mind: Meditation is a great way to calm your mind, and with today’s technology, free smartphone apps are the ideal way to receive reminders and set meditation timers. Three minutes of peace and quiet can make all the difference.

May Health Observances

  • Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month
  • Better Sleep Month
  • Correct Posture Month
  • Healthy Vision Month
  • Hepatitis Awareness Month
  • Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month
  • Lupus Awareness Month
  • National Arthritis Awareness Month
  • National High Blood Pressure Education Month
  • National Melanoma/Skin Cancer Awareness Month
  • National Mental Health Awareness Month
  • National Stroke Awareness Month
  • Osteoporosis Awareness Month
  • Celiac Awareness Month
  • National Women’s Health Week (13th - 19th)
  • National Senior Health and Fitness Day (30th)

For a complete list of 2018 National Health Observances with free hyperlinked resources, download the American Pharmacies 2019 Pharmacy, Health and Wellness Observances Calendar. Additional tips and resources are available in the Marketing Resource Center.