Branding and Promotions


Your brand is your value proposition - the promise you make to patients and customers. It is their perception of your business, its products and services. Branding must be the foundation of your marketing efforts because it is how you build your reputation. 

Build & Refine Your Brand Identity
  • What is your mission?
  • What are your values?
  • What is your commitment to your patients & community?
  • What differentiates you from competitors?
  • What special services or programs do you offer?
  • Does your entire staff buy into your brand?

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What Does Your Store's Appearance and Online Presence Say About You?

Building Your Brand

The elements that most define your brand are Value, Trust and Service. Logos, colors, ads, website content, messaging, brochures and signage don't define your brand, but articulate it in a material way

Identify Your Target Markets
  • New and growing pharmacies focus more on saturation marketing to build visibility & traffic in their service area. Established pharmacies can benefit more from relationship marketing: the non-adherent, those with multiple disease states, LTC patients, children, higher-income populations, those interested in self-help and wellness. 
Target Markets Must be Qualified
  • Define groups by location, income, age, health characteristics, insurance plan, etc. and know what characteristics are you seeking in buyers for the products and services you want to market.


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Listen to Your Patients

Your customers will tell you what they value most about your pharmacy, why they chose you, or what frustrates them about other pharmacies. Emphasize those advantages in marketing and advertising.

Advertising and Promotions


  • Greater Visibility: Promoting your pharmacy through events and print, digital, or direct mail marketing is a great way to increase the visibility of your products and services.
  • Promote Specific Services, Programs and Products, such as compounding, diabetes, MTM, smoking, COPD, weight loss, etc. through targeted email, social media, events, bag stuffers, in-store signage. 
  • Promote Front End Sales via social media, in-store print collateral, and on your website. PLease note that, this is not cost-effective if your FE is less than 15% of your total revenue.
  • Build Rx Sales Volume through digital marketing, targeted emails and calls

Marketing & Advertising Collateral

Fliers and simple brochures are helpful if you compound, immunize, Med Sync or conduct classes. Bag stuffers and clippers are inexpensive and visible ways to promote products and services. Below are editable documents to help you get started. Keep in mind, stuffers and inserts are more effective when they are verbally reinforced. We've created a Pharmacy, Health and Wellness Observances Calendar with links to fliers, posters, activity sheets and other resources to help you stay informed about the various health-related observances taking place throughout the year. This will allow you to get a jump start on tailoring your in-store product and services promotions to events and activities already taking place in your communities. Below are just a few of the resources made available on the calendar. 

Common Mistakes in Collateral

  • Using small text and font sizes
  • Using too many typefaces and designs inappropriate for business
  • Using low resolution images
  • Too much clutter/not leaving enough white space
  • Not organizing your information
  • Not including a call to action

The Power of Events 

Events are a great way to showcase your pharmacy.

  • Participate in a local health fair or partner with your Chamber of Commerce on some type of health awareness events
  • Hold a drive-through immunization clinic or Vote & Vax promotion on election day or a primary voting day
  • Hold classes on healthy eating for diabetics, weight management, smoking cessation, etc.
  • Hold a drug takeback event in partnership with local law-enforcement 

General Marketing and Branding Resources


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