How RxLegacy Works

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An Overview of RxLEGACY Services  
What to Expect When You Use Our Ownership Program 

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  • Uploaded via media manager.There is never any charge to you for consultations or assistance provided by our attorney or representatives of AmerisourceBergen.
  • All discussions, consultations and submitted information are held in the strictest confidence per our confidentiality policy. No information about you or your pharmacy(ies) will be given to any other party without your specific consent.
  • Amanda will then contact you to gather additional information about your particular ownership goals (buying, selling or other) and counsel you on the best course of action. Her advice will include:
    • How and when to begin business and financial assessments as well as the process of matching interested parties, which is conducted by the experienced Pharmacy Ownership team of Charlie Le Bon and his colleagues at AmerisourceBergen;
    • How to engage in confidential discussions with other parties of interest;
    • General counseling related to the business and legal considerations of an ownership transaction (including, but not limited to, the structure of the business organization and arrangement, transition of third-party contracts, interactions with pharmacy benefit managers, personnel and employment decisions, licensing and compliance matters, commercial lease assignments and important guidance on ownership agreements between the parties).
  • Uploaded via media manager.As needed and when appropriate, Amanda and/or Charlie will also refer you to talented outside resources for business, legal, or financial advice and services related to these transactions, such as our preferred financing resource -- Bob Graul's helpful team at First Financial Bank.

AmerisourceBergen Provides Expertise & Experience

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ABDC's experienced ownership team knows how to provide the expertise you need with the confidentiality and personal attention you want. ABDC's ownership consultants can help you with:

  • Business Valuation -- what is your pharmacy worth?  We can provide a fair market value of your business’ worth. We will also help you identify opportunities for improvement and advise you if enrolling an ABDC business coach can help increase your business efficiencies, operations and value.
  • Confidentiality & Expert Guidance:  We stress confidentiality with every client. No seller wants everyone in town to know their  business is on the block.  We have the experience and sensitivity to give step-by-step guidance with complete privacy.
  • Succession Planning:  The sale of a pharmacy can take 6-18 months, and it is always better to have a transition plan. Identifying and dealing with outside pressures helps the seller maximize value by controlling the deal and avoiding a "fire sale."


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Our specially chosen team of experts
will guide you through the ownership
transition process. Our shared goal
is to simplify your entire experience
with personal, cost-effective service.