Our Success Story

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Just six years ago, American Pharmacies had just over 300 member pharmacies members in Texas and 3 surrounding states. We didn't have the best economics then, but our members loved our ethics, determination, and how tenaciously we fought to advance and defend their interests. As our economics improved and our value proposition deepened, we started growing rapidly -- largely by word of mouth -- to where we are today: 700 independent members in 38 states. We still get most of our new customers by referrals from our members.

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Pharmacists Leading Pharmacists  
American Pharmacies is governed by an elected board of your peers -- pharmacy owners who receive no special deals or rebates and who are directly affected by every decision they make. Their purchasing economics and incentives are the same ones available to all members.

Our Value Proposition
We strive to be a total solution to our members and constantly find new ways to deliver more value. We leverage the strength of our growing pharmacy membership to:

  • Deliver Unequalled Purchasing Power
    We use our collective purchasing power and generic expertise to obtain the best wholesaler and secondary source pricing for our members. Our staff experts will help you buy smarter and stay compliant. See Our Generic Resources
  • Drive Legislative, Legal and Regulatory Issues
    We assertively shape the outcome of regulatory, legislative and legal issues vital to the viability of independent pharmacy and its patients. We entered the federal advocacy arena with a proven track record of boldly defending your rights against PBM abuses. We lead the nation with 15+ pro-pharmacy bills passed.
  • Accelerate Next-Level Innovation
    We empower our Peer Performance Group - a group of thought leaders comprised of your peers to serve as front-line educators on a number of topics, including best practices, industry insights and innovative business strategies.

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Lots of businesses toss around terms about values and performance. The proof is always in the practices:

Transparency: Our long-term member relationships are not regulated by long-term contracts. Our agreements are direct and transparent.
We don’t have investors or principals siphoning off revenue. We are a cooperative that is owned and governed entirely by independent pharmacists like you. Every decision we make and every action we initiate is solely for YOUR BENEFIT.

Commitment: We always advocate and intervene for you with our wholesaler, which we do very effectively through our positive, proactive relationship with AmerisourceBergen. We defend your interests in state capitals, courtrooms and state agencies. We always go the extra mile to help you with a problem. We'll create our own solutions when we need to, as we did with our RxCompass data metrics platform, our RxLegacy ownership program and our group health insurance program. We never stop trying to find ways to help you save money or find new revenue.

Performance: An average annual growth rate of 20%+ the last five years certainly turns heads. (We are prouder that we have an annual turnover rate around 5% over the same period.) But the real measures of performance are those that directly affect the success of our members. Over the last five years we have:

  • Rapidly grown the amount of income we distribute to our members by meeting multiple growth and performance incentives in our wholesaler contract;
  • Increased average monthly rebates;
  • Improved monthly cash flow for members;
  • Helped our RxCompass data metrics users boost adherence and gain $3 million in prescription volume;
  • Used our generics expertise to help members maximize value and compliance in their purchasing;
  • Passed the most pro-pharmacy legislation of any independent group in the nation;
  • Created a group health insurance plan and pharmacy buy-sell program and;
  • Built a highly productive relationship with our wholesaler, one that empowers us to quickly identify and remedy issues affecting member operations.

Uploaded via media manager.Our Expert Sales Team Is
the Heart of Our Success

Our experienced and dedicated sales team steers clear of quick sales and pressure tactics. Using our innovative Align process, they work closely with you to thoroughly understand your goals, strengths and challenges, then offer a package of solutions that is individually tailored to meet your needs. 

Once you are a member of American Pharmacies, you'll have frequent contact with a dedicated sales representative who provides expert support and consultation to assist you with challenges in your business and changes in the industry. We collaborate throughout the entire process, so that you understand everything you need to know to strengthen your bottom line. They don’t go into your pharmacy and tell you what you need to do; they show you new solutions and help you learn new ways of thinking about your business.

Meet our dedicated pharmacy sales experts. 

To learn more about how American Pharmacies can increase your peace of mind while helping you grow your business, please complete and submit this contact form.