Email & Unsubscribe Policy

If you clicked on the "Sign Up Now" button on our home page to receive newsletters and other content from American Pharmacies through our Constant Contact email platform, you can ubsubscribe at any time by clicking on the Unsubscribe link that is at the bottom of each Constant Contact email, as show below:

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If you unsubscribe from Constant Contact, you will cease to receive ALL communications -- including such news as nominations and elections notices, pricing alerts, PBM action alerts, and legislative news and action alerts.

If you are a purchasing member of American Pharmacies the contractual relationship we have with you allows us to send you news and other important information through Constant Contact. You may likewise unsubscribe from Constant Contact communications at any time as described above, but you will miss all the important information we provide that is critical to your operational success. We strongly discourage members from unsubscribing, as it severly hampers our ability to communicate with you. If you do unsubscribe from our Constant Contact Communications, it is critical that you ensure that there is another email address for your pharmacy where these email communications can reliably be seen.