Peggy Peterson Profile

Peggy Peterson, Strategic Account Manager

I was raised in the state of Washington until I was 15 and then I moved to Tennessee to take a sales position at AmerisourceBergen. In 2019, I relocated to Florida. I joined American Pharmacies in 2019. Before joining APRx, I spent 23 years of my career at AmerisourceBergen in various roles, including operations and sales. I received my bachelors in business from Bryan College after taking time off to raise my two children. 

What I do for fun: I enjoy home renovations and putting together wooden 3D puzzles with my husband. 

My experience working at American Pharmacies: I love helping pharmacy owners grow their business and providing solutions or tools to help them navigate the ever-changing industry. American Pharmacies is hyperfocused on the success of independent retail pharmacy. Having been with American Pharmacies for 8 months, I have learned more about pharmacy than I did in 23 years with a large fortune 50 company. American Pharmacies encourages personal growth in addition to providing a fantastic support system within the company.