Media Contacts/News Releases

Media Inquiries

All media requests relating to lawsuits filed by American Pharmacies, Medicaid managed-care issues, or any other legal, compliance or regulatory matter should be directed to APRx General Counsel Miguel Rodriguez | 512-579-0414 

All media inquiries relating to legislative policy or activities should be directed to Executive Director Michael Wright of the Texas Pharmacy Business Council (An APRx affiliate) | 512-992-1219

All other media inquiries should be directed to Chuck Waters, Director of Communications & Member Services | 512-925-5528

News Releases

APRx Files Federal Suit Over Humana-Walmart Drug Plan -- July 2011

APRx Wins Again as CVS-Caremark Loses Appeal in RICO Lawsuit -- Feb. 12, 2012

APRx Sues HHSC to Protect Pharmacies' Medicaid Payments -- Feb. 12, 2012

U.S. Judge Denies CVS-Caremark Arbitration Bid in APRx Lawsuit -- Feb. 24, 2012