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Your Website is Your Online Storefront

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In the online world, your website is your storefront. If you don't have a website, you are missing out on a lot of business. Your website communicates your value proposition and drives traffic to your store.      

The Internet & Health-Related Content

80% of consumers use the internet to seek health-related information (Google).

Diet, Nutrition & Vitamins: 47%
Fitness, Weight Loss: 36%
Information on Rx or OTC Drugs: 34%
Alternative Treatments: 28%
76% of respondents use the Web to find local business information - such as locations, hours & services  
(2011, Burke Report).

Households earning $100,000+ are 60% more likely to do health searches than those earning less than $50,000 (Google). 

What Makes a Great Website?

Simplicity of Design 
The home page should be inviting and attractive with minimal content. Pick one to two restrained colors and use patient-friendly images, but do not use animations or motion effects.

Guide Viewers to Key Information
Use clear, simple icons and links to vital pages or apps.

Online Refill App 
More than 60% of all web searches now take place on a mobile device. Website, forms, refill apps must be mobile-friendly or at least scalable. Patients prefer a simple app they can access by phone or tablet over a dial-in app.

Tells visitors what you do and and who you are

  • Do you compound - HRT, pain, etc.
  • Disease specialization - diabetes, COPD, etc.
  • Hours| Habla Espanol | Delivery
  • What's your mission and value proposition?

Examples of Good Pharmacy Websites

Easy, Free Ways to Promote Your Website

Always put your URL and a reason to visit your website on all printed matter, including your business cards. You should also mention what people will get if they visit your site, such as a newsletter or a list of "Top 10 Diabetes Tips."

An email signature is a powerful, free tool. It takes just a few seconds to create a signature that incudes a link to your website: automatically attach it to every outgoing patient and prescriber email to drive traffic to your site daily. 

Be knowledgeable, share your expertise, provide helpful solutions, and link to great articles on hot topics. 

Website Resources

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