Rida Ashraf Profile

Rida Ashraf, Benefits Manager & Paralegal

My family and I moved from Pakistan to the Houston, TX area in pursuit of a better education and higher standard of life. Before joining American Pharmacies in 2020, I studied nutrition and minored in psychology at the University of Texas in Austin. I also have a certificate in business public policy. 

What I do for fun: When I'm not working, I enjoy exploring nature with my two dogs, acrylic pouring, Pilates and listening to Hip-Hop music.

My experience working at American Pharmacies: I enjoy helping ease the worries that our members feel about business operations by assisting them with the issues they may be facing with handling their employee's benefits. My coworkers and I are passionate about helping pharmacy owners run their stores smoothly. We go above and beyond to ensure that any issues that may come up are addressed swiftly.