Mike Muecke Profile

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Elected:  June 2006
Current Board Term:  July, 1, 2021 - June 30, 2024

Mike has served on the APRx Board since 2006. He was a founding member of the Texas Pharmacy Business Council Board and serbed as its chairman until 2016. He received his pharmacy degree from the University of Texas in Austin and has been an independent pharmacy owner since 1979. He has four retail pharmacies — three in Matagorada County and one in Wharton County. Mike is one of the six board members who stood up as plaintiffs in the landmark 2010 APRx lawsuit against CVS Caremark.

Has served on the Board of Directors of the Matagorda Regional Medical Center for the past 12 years and is the current chairman. He also served on the Behrens Advisory Board for 10 years.

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Mike Muecke leads the Board Q&A session during the  
June 11 shareholder meeting at the 2016 APRx Retreat.