Charlotte Hutchison Profile

Charlotte Hutchison, Marketing & Brand Manager

I joined the APRx in May of 2016. Prior to that, I spent eight years in various marketing and writing roles in the education, news, entertainment and medical industries. I am a proud graduate of the University of Houston (Eat 'Em Up, Coogs!) and Georgetown University (Hoya Saxa!) where I received my undergraduate and graduate degree in communications. When I'm not working hard at APRx, I'm usually enjoying movie night with my family, babysitting my infant nephew or in the kitchen recreating a meal I had in a restaurant the night before.  

What I did as a Kid: I spent many hours in front of the television watching "Scooby Doo" while eating a giant bowl of Froot Loops.

College Experience Tidbit: I completed a summer internship working for Motown Records Founder Berry Gordy, Jr.