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AmerisourceBergen's Strength & Innovation Are Keys to Our Success

In December 2014, American Phrmacies signed a landmark six-year contract with AmerisourceBergen that is propelling us into an era of unprecedented growth and prosperity. The powerful economics of our sole-source contract, coupled with the expertise and hard work of our staff and the support of ABDC, is producing rapid growth—and, most importantly—tremendous economic benefits for our shareholders.

ABDC is far more than a pharmaceutical wholesaler. As our major strategic partner and a key factor in our ongoing growth, it is a powerful source of expertise and resources to help drive every facet of succcess for independent pharmacy. ABDC proves at every turn that its resources and its commitment to APRx are changing the game. From their signage offer to our members to their business coaching and their unique generics offering for APRx, they are committed to our collective success.

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Elevate takes the balanced approach to network participation, maintaining access to patients while negotiating a better Generic Effective Rate (GER) than what is initially offered. It carefully and selectively considers the plans at the preferred or standard level based on the terms of participation and patient incentives—ensuring APRx members remain profitable.

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KNOWLEDGEdriven is an extensive online resource library offered by AmerisourceBergen. It contains a variety of articles by experts designed to promote efficiency, profitability and quality care at member pharmacies. Articles range from pharmacy operations to preferred networks to boosting front-end sales to clinical management of multiple disease states and chronic conditions. 

ABDC Signage Offer

As proof of its longterm commitment to the unique, transparent business model of APRx, AmerisourceBergen launched a major store signage initiative in the Texas independent market that will allow qualified APRx-member stores to receive a $2,500 Good Neighbor Pharmacy signage package at no cost!

"Our agreement with AmerisourceBergen has powerful economics for our members," APRx President Mike Gohlke said. "But some of our new and current members faced a big financial challenge in coverting their store signage to the Good Neighbor Pharmacy brand. AmerisourceBergen took that challenge to heart and is generously offering our GNP Premier members a top-quality signage package at absolutely no cost."

The new signs are the work of Hanlon Creative, the Pennsylvania-based branding strategist that ABCD engaged to freshen and update the GNP brand.

Mitch Tully, Texas-based Director of Strategic Accounts for ABCD, said stores must meet eligibility criteria for the sponsored signage packages:

  • You must be an APRx shareholder with an active ABCD account in good standing;
  • You must be a GNP Premier member; and
  • Sign packages cannot be customized with individual colors or configurations.

To discuss if your pharmacy qualifies for a sponsored Good Neighbor Pharmacy signage package, contact Mitch Tully: mitchtully@amerisourcebergen.com.