Frequently Asked Questions


1)  There are so many pharmacy buying groups. What's different about yours?
What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to take any legislative, regulatory or legal action necessary to defend your business model. From our landmark RICO lawsuit against CVS Caremark to our formation of the groundbreaking Texas Pharmacy Business Council, we fight for your interests while others talk. Falling dispensing fees, proliferation of managed care, preferred & restricted networks, DME regulations, PBM issues: the widespread threats to independent pharmacy demand that we act decisively in your interest.

2) Isn’t it a bad idea for a buying cooperative to be involved in political activities?
We’ve heard that argument too. APRx assumed an aggressive role in representing independent political interests in Texas because no one else was doing it well enough. We think a better question is why isn’t every buying group working as hard as we are to defend your political interests?

3) Who runs American Pharmacies?
APRx has a nine-member Board of Directors elected by our membership. Any active shareholder member is eligible to seek a seat on the Board. The Board provides strategic direction and decision-making for APRx, while President Mike Golhlke directs staff in carrying out daily operations. APRx is 100% Texas home-grown and managed. Other independent buying groups that profess to be Texas-based are in fact run by a bigger out-of-state organization.

4) What do you mean when you say that APRx is “100% transparent?”
We define transparency as meaning that our members are all treated equally, that even the smallest member pharmacy has the same voice and vote (1) as the independent with six stores. It means there are no special deals for big stores or for our Board members. There are no hidden payments or contracts, no “sweetheart deals” for a privileged few. What you see is what everyone gets!

5) Wholesaler discounts are important, but what other economic benefits do you offer?
APRx believes that diversification of revenue channels is critical to the success of independent pharmacies, so we work hard to provide independents ways to save and make money. We are an original partner/investor in the groundbreaking RxAlly initiative, which offers vital new compensation opportunities for network pharmacies through MTM services, Medicare Part D, immunizations and other programs. We partnered with Prodigy Animal Health to create our own branded line of pet wellness products that will bring new cash business to your store with very attractive margins. And we work constantly with quality vendors to secure group discount opportunities.

6) My store isn’t in Texas. Am I eligible to join?
Although American Pharmacies started in Texas and now has more than 60% of the Texas independent market, we have members in several other states. As the word of the APRx value proposition has spread, we have added members from New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Mississippi. We’ll be adding members from even more states soon.

7) Once I am a member, how do I know I will continue to get the best deal on my drug purchases?
American Pharmacies’ six-member sales team stays in constant touch with our members to make sure they are receiving maximum value in their purchasing relationship. In addition, APRx is the only independent purchasing group that has a full-time generics expert on staff. Generic products play a critical role in the financial success of your business and it is critical that APRx has superior expertise to help you navigate the shifting trends, challenges and opportunities in your generic business. That’s why we have a new VP of Generics and Vendor Relations, John Cooper, who works constantly with AmerisourceBergen to make sure that our members are getting the best prices. Finally, as APRx has grown, we have been able to negotiate successfully better contracts with our wholesalers.

8) What happens if I decide to leave American Pharmacies?
If you decide to no longer purchase through one of our two wholesalers, you may still retain your stock as an inactive member. You will not be entitled to future monthly rebates on your generic purchases or annual dividend distributions, but will not forfeit any rebates or dividends to which you are already entitled. If you redeem your APRx stock, you forfeit all entitlement to any payments. If you choose to leave APRx, we will not withhold any payments properly due to you or present you with dubious “administrative charges” designed to cancel out whatever you are owed. We will treat you with the fairness, transparency and professionalism that define our organization.

9) Who do I contact to get more information about American Pharmacies?
Simply fill out the Contact Us form on our website and specify the exact nature of your inquiry and we’ll get back in touch with you promptly. Or just call our toll-free number – 877-634-5445 – and let us know how we can help you. If you have questions about our wholesaler offerings or APRx membership, you can contact one of our sales team members.