APRx Board Changes

APRx Board Elects New Chairman
Muecke Assumes Leadership; Everett Wins New Term


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The American Pharmacies Board of Directors made some leadership changes at its recent June meeting in San Antonio. Bay City Pharmacist Mike Muecke was elected Board chairman, replacing Tyler pharmacist Robert Kinsey. Katy pharmacist Alton Kanak was chosen the new vice-chairman, replacing Muecke. Edinburg pharmacist Joe Ochoa replaces Kanak as secretary/treasurer.

New Chairman Mike Muecke  

Waco pharmacist Lynn Everett has been re-elected to a new three-year term on the Board. APRx publicized the pending expiration of Everett's term on June 30 and did not receive any nominations for his Board slot by the stated June 27 deadline. In accordance with the provisions of the APRx bylaws, the absence of nominations means Everett is considered re-elected by acclamation.

The Board also tapped Kanak to take Muecke's place as vice-chair of the 6-member board of directors of the Texas Pharmacy Business Council.

The Board of Directors makes all decisions about the cooperative's strategic direction, operating expenses and budget. The Board is composed of your peers -- elected shareholders who are independent pharmacy just like you. The Board strives to deliver maximum economic value to shareholders while responding to local, state and federal issues that affect the viability of independent pharmacy. Our board takes an assertive role on political, legislative and economic challenges that affect your business model.

The Board's commitment is evidenced by its vote to award record annual rebates to shareholders the last two years and by its decision to pay the cost of our groundbreaking new RxCOMPASS software for each qualified shareholder.