Kaitlyn Fredrickson Profile

Kaitlyn Hicks, Pharmacy Business Consultant

I am originally from Muskegon, Michigan but I moved to a very small town, Hesperia, where I spent most of my life. I recently moved back to Muskegon and now I live right next to Lake Michigan. 

I earned a bachelor’s degree in Marketing at Ferris State University. I’ve worked as a pharmaceutical technician for seven years at an independent pharmacy, Bob’s Drugs. My experience working at a small independent pharmacy has given me a great amount of respect for the industry and independent pharmacies and it makes my position at APRx even more special. I am very passionate about being a part of the advocacy for independent pharmacies and love helping pharmacists grow their businesses.

What I do for Fun: I enjoy hiking with my fiancé, going to the beach, spending time with my family, and trying out new restaurants and wineries. I also love binge-watching Netflix series and documentaries.