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These are critical times for independent pharmacy and the patients we serve. Powerful PBMs are using managed care to limit the scope of pharmacy practice, cut payments, stifle competition and restrict patient choice. These issues are shaped by elected leaders — many new in office — who usually don’t understand your profession or your business model.

GPAC is the political action committee of American Pharmacies. Contributions to GPAC are used for:

  • Financially aiding legislators & candidates who understand community pharmacy & support our issues;
  • Helping elected leaders understand how they affect the economic & competitive welfare of retail pharmacy;
  • Holding events to recognize and support the legislative friends of Texas community pharmacy; and
  • Educating APRx & other community pharmacists about the impact of the political process on our business model.

It’s Easy to Contribute to GPAC

Just fill out the pledge form below and pay online by credit card. Click here to download a form you can use to mail or fax in your payment by check or credit card, or specify a donation amount to be deducted from your annual APRx shareholder dividend/rebate payment. NOTE: Contributions to GPAC made by dividend/rebate deduction are considered personal income and must be reported to the IRS under your own SSN, not your pharmacy's tax ID number.

However you pay, you are doing your part to ensure the economic viability of independent pharmacy.

YES I Will Contribute:

All donations to GPAC are used for political purposes and are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. All contributions must be made from personal funds.

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