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It takes a special type of pharmacist to be an independent owner
-- one who is equal parts clinical practitioner and astute business manager. Independent ownership offers risks and rewards hand
-in-hand: you'll be responsible for the financial success of your operation, but you'll also get to shape your store and your practice to suit your interests.

Independent practice means you can spend time with your patients on your terms, and determine the type of clinical services you want to offer. You can build a special bond with your community with services and patient care that chains can't consistently match.

Taking the ownership plunge requires serious commitment and serious capital. While purchasing capital may not be an issue for investors or established owners looking to expand, it can be a challenge for younger pharmacists who may still be paying off student loans and can't swing an outright purchase. But there are other ways to work toward future ownership that require less up-front capital -- junior partnership arrangements that secure an ownership stake and the opportunity to gain valuable independent experience while working toward an eventual buy-out.

Whether you are a seasoned owner, an investor or a young pharmacist seeking a toehold in ownership, we can find the right opportunity for you and connect you with the legal and financial help you need.

You can start the process of by completing our confidential information form below to identify your interests and timeframes.

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"Freedom begins the moment you realize that someone else has been writing your story
and it's time you took
the pen and started
writing it yourself."

Bill Moyers



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