Generic Alert 12192014





Generic Edge keeps you abreast of great buying opportunities we identify in prescription and OTC products with our two wholesalers. Quickly shifting prices in the generics market mean these buying opportunities may appear and disappear suddenly, so place your order through your wholesaler as quickly as possible to take advantage.



 Attention, AmerisourceBergen
 & McKesson Shareholders: 


Price Rising on Promethazine Syrup
Sertraline Tablets  



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Rumors are circulating of price increases on promethazine syrup and tablets. ParMed and Anda are sold out, which is a good indicator of a potential leak on an increase.  AmerisourceBergen and McKesson still have inventory, so we encourage you to purchase extra product soon.

Sertraline tablets are also rumored to be increasing.  At the current very low price, we encourage you to carry extra inventory to be prepared for a potential increase.

Up to five new market entries on valsartan tablets will be available January 5. This market event will create a significant price decrease on the product.  Please watch your inventory closely and return any sellable excess inventory to your wholesaler.

On average, it takes more than 37 days for MACs to be adjusted when there is a generic increase, and often can take longer in many cases. In order to protect your margin, we recommend that you purchase enough inventory to carry you through this period of lagging reimbursement.