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Texas Pharmacy Business Council is a highly successful advocacy arm of American Pharmacies. It is unique in the U.S. as a full-time, separate advocacy branch for a buying group.

TPBC provides an unprecedented level of advocacy resources & effort on behalf of Texas independent pharmacy and is the most successful state pharmacy advocacy group in the nation.

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Formed in December 2015 as an independent subsidiary funded by American Pharmacies, New Mexico Pharmacy Business Council is the only advocacy group in NM dedicated solely to independent pharmacists.  NMPBC is governed by a 5-member Board and has has contract lobbyist Minda McGonagle representing its interests in Santa Fe.
Has rapidly built visibility & influenced several positive outcomes in 2016 New Mexico session.

During the 30-day 2016 fiscal legislative session, NMPBC helped influence the successful outcome of SB 263, which regulates Opioid Prescription Monitoring. NMPBC also helped keep HB 102 – the anti-pharmacy Health Scope of Practice Committee bill – bottled up.

Lobbyist Minda McGonagle has played a key role in helping the New Mexico Commissioner of Insurance develop regulations to enforce the state’s MAC transparency law.

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